Practice Extender


Pyramid Home Health Services assists many Missourians to manage the challenges of living with multiple chronic conditions at home. Through our Practice Extender Service we offer these Patient’s Physicians and Health Plans a new and powerful tool to better coordinate their care and help them live healthier and happier at home.


Practice Extender Services Includes:

1-24X7 Nurse Line: The availability of a Pyramid Home Health Services Clinician 24/7 to provide telephone based response to patient health questions and concerns and to triage alternative care options to the ER after hours. Response is stepwise and ranges from the least invasive- advice and follow-up telephone monitoring to scheduling of a physician office visit and referral to, including arranging of transportation, if required, the nearest open emergent care clinic or dispatch of an RN or NP to the patient’s home to evaluate symptoms and take appropriate action. All documentation of interactions will be provided to the patient’s Physician within 24- hours or sooner where appropriate.

2-Tele-Health: Pyramid Home Health Services Tele-health platform allows Physicians to “cast” HIPPA compliant and billable Patient office visits from the Physician’s practice location into their Patient’s homes when Patients are unable or unwilling to travel to their practice location. Pyramid Home Health Services will assist the practice to preschedule these visits and deploy the appropriate staff and equipment to the patient’s home to ensure a thorough examination, including review of vitals and, where necessary, collection of lab specimens.

3-Intermittent NP staffing: Staffing can be for “In-Office” needs, including managing Tele-Health Services, or for conducting home visits. This service includes provision of all requisite preceptor contracting between the NP and the Physician, scheduling, and documentation of patient services provided. 

4-Medication Management: Includes Tele-Health based MTM with a certified Pharmacist, in-home nurse review of and teaching on medications and medication compliance, electronic medication reminder calls with tracking and follow-up, free home delivery of multi-dose packaged medications, specialty drug compounding and administration.   

5-Tele-Monitoring: The ability to monitor your patient’s condition remotely seven days a week. At a set time each day the monitor automatically turns on and goes through a series of instructions to attain vital sign and symptom pattern acquisition. Voice-enabled DSSM modules provide symptom- specific assessment and patient information by disease state, managing hypertension, COPD, CHF and diabetes.  Peripheral devices/ support include digital scale, non-invasive finger sensor and oximeter cable for oxygen saturation, glucose meter, peak flow meter, PT/INR, ECG, blood pressure cuff, and enhanced SpO2 algorithm for more representative readings. 


Pyramid Home Health Services provides Physicians a range of partnering options. Where services are individually billable to a patient’s insurance, the Practice or Pyramid Home Health Services may bill for the same with Pyramid Home Health Services receiving payment on a fee for service basis under contract to the physician. Where practices are managing the care of Patients under capitated agreements or are participating in “Gain Share” or other “Shared Savings” programs, Pyramid Home Health Services will contract on a per member, per month basis (PMPM) with the practice or the intermediary.

Practice Extender from Pyramid Home Health Services will permit Primary Care Physicians to qualify for the Chronic Disease Management Fees established in the final 2014 Physician Fee Schedule.

If you are a Missouri Physician or Health Plan and would like to add Practice Extender as a benefit for your Patients or Beneficiaries, please contact Cale Bradford, COO at 800-457-1975 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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