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Pyramid Pharmacy is a full service retail pharmacy. The goal of Pyramid Pharmacy is to assist individuals with one or more chronic illness and who receive HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) or Home Health Services to improve their compliance with physician prescribed medication regimens. By improving the coordination of pharmacy services it is our goal to reduce incidents of avoidable falls, depression, and re-hospitalizations in the HCBS and Home Health patient population generally.

Pyramid Pharmacy will provide the following services:

• Where necessary or requested, an initial in-home visit for the purpose of identifying all medications present in the home and to establish a current medication list with current dosages.

• Screening of the initial medication list for mild, moderate, and severe adverse reactions, ineffective pairings and duplication.

• On-going screening of all new medications, medication changes and changes in dosage regimen for adverse interaction, ineffective pairing and duplication.

• On-going update of treating physicians (specialty and primary) of new medications and changes in medication regimen by members of the treating group.

• Screening of existing prescriptions for generic substitutions to lower out of pocket expenses and push back or eliminate the Medicare Part D doughnut hole.

• Free home delivery.

• Free telephonic medication reminders.

• HIPPA compliant video conferencing with patient, physician, family and other members of the treatment team is available upon request or as necessary.

• Assistance tracking spend-down expenditures and documentation submission.

Pyramid Pharmacyʼs experienced staff is committed to putting patientʼs needs first by providing prompt, professional and courteous service. Patientʼs Physicians may e-scribe, call in, fax or mail new prescriptions and refills. Pyramid Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans, Medicare Part D and Medicaid. Pyramid Pharmacy is available state-wide.

Try Pyramid Pharmacy today for a truly personal, professional, and premium quality pharmacy experience.

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