Telephony is a computerized system for documenting our in-home service attendant’s arrival at a client’s home, their services rendered while there and their departure. Each attendant logs in upon arrival to a client’s home by making a toll free call from the client’s phone and another immediately prior to their departure. As a part of the second call, the attendant enters a code for each service performed and the amount of time spent completing each service. In order to be recognized by the telephony system, the call must originate from the client’s personal phone number and the service time entered must correspond to the elapsed time from the initial log-in call.

Through telephony Pyramid Home Health Services knows in real time that its attendants are on time and completing their services as scheduled. Our Telephony system is monitored 7 days a week by Pyramid Home Health Services scheduling staff. In the event an attendant is more than 15 minutes late to a client appointment, our schedulers will contact both the client and attendant via phone, and if necessary, dispatch another attendant to ensure our client receives the assistance they require.

You can count on Pyramid Home Health Services to be there when you need us.


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