Hospice provides patients and their families with end of life care at home or in the residence of their choice which may also be an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Hospice services are designed to permit terminally ill patients and their families to maximize their enjoyment and satisfaction of every day of life. Through an interdisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, social workers, personal care attendants, therapist, chaplin and volunteers, hospice provides all the care coordination, medications, pain management, equipment, supplies and personal support patients and their families require at the end of life.



  • At the end of life every person deserves the best possible care in the comfort and dignity of their own home or other residence, which may include a nursing or assisted living facility.
  • Hospice is an affirmation of life.
  • Hospice seeks neither to hasten nor postpone death, but accepts it as a part of life.
  • Each patient has the right to direct his or her own care as long as possible.



  • An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, personal care aides, chaplin, volunteers and therapy services
  • Medications, medical equipment and supplies relating to the hospice diagnosis and required for pain control and symptom management
  • Specialized care of pain and symptoms related to end of life
  • Spiritual care for both the patient and family
  • Bereavement and grief support



  • Physician certification that an individual has a terminal disease with a life expectancy of six months of less if the disease process follows its normal course
  • Assistance from a primary caregiver
  • Consent to participate in the hospice program



  • Routine Home Care is comprehensive hospice care provided in your home (including an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility)
  • During periods of crisis, Continuous Care may be provided for short periods of time as recommended by the hospice team
  • In-Patient Respite Care
  • In-Patient Acute Care



  • Greater control in making decisions about care
  • Family involvement in care
  • Specialized services to help patients enjoy each day to its fullest including; symptom management, pain management, grief and spiritual counseling. For those living alone at home, help finding a caregiver or arranging an alternative living location
  • Medication Management

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