Wound Healing Program


Every wound has a unique set of circumstances and there are many different types of treatments available for each. Pyramid Home Health Services wound healing program is focused on addressing the underlying causes of each wound. While Pyramid Home Health Services has a broad formulary of wound care products available, the foundation of our wound healing program lies in our objective review of the factors that caused the wound and in our establishment of a plan of care that focuses on the treatment of those factors.

Every year thousands of patients are discharged home from hospitals and skilled nursing facilities with wounds and ulcers not completely healed or with new ostomies. Pyramid Home Health Services wound healing program is led by a certified wound care nurse and employs staff specifically trained in wound types, treatment products and support surfaces, evidence-based treatment guidelines and nutrition. Our holistic, team driven approach promotes use of the most efficient combination of resources to heal your patient’s wounds faster and avoid their reoccurrence.

  • 11.5 x 5 x 3.25cm non-healing surgical wound.

  • 1-week after moist wound healing tx initiated rapid progress is evident.

  • 16 x 5.7cm wound with xeroform and telfa dressings slow to progress.

  • 3 weeks after initiating foam and transparent film dressing measures 9.8 x 2.2cm.

  • Nurses very experienced using advanced wound care techniques successfully.

The Wound Healing Team

 WOCN, a credentialed specialist RN, who reviews each patient’s H&P, initial assessment / wound etiology, electronic wound photos, and consults on a holistic POC recommendation with the treating physician. Also available for patient, physician and family in-home and in-office consultations and case conferences.

 Case Manager tracks compliance with POC, monitors healing progress, coordinates the communications of treating clinicians, the patient’s physician(s) and Pyramid’s WOCN using electronic medical record updates and digital transmission of wound care photos and treatment notes.

 Treating Clinicians are trained in and receive continuing education on advanced wound treatments, dietary and behavioral management techniques and patient education.

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