Missouri Telemonitoring Remote Disease Management



With Pyramid Home Health Services Remote Disease Management Programs, Monitoring Your Patient's Chronic Conditions Flows Smoothly…State-Wide.

Being able to monitor patients in their homes seven days a week with the Honeywell HomMed telehealth system allows Pyramid Home Health Services to assist your efforts to improve patient outcomes and lessen their chance of rehospitalization and ER visits. Numerous case studies and clinical articles have found remote telemonitoring significantly reduces healthcare costs and brings about efficiencies that allow clinicians to more effectively track and treat patients.


Through the LifeStream platform, Pyramid clinicians use web-enabled technology that provides secure access to each monitored patient’s health information from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Health status data on patients for whom monitoring services are ordered is reviewed daily by a Pyramid Clinician with observations of changes in condition resulting in on-site patient visitation as necessary and timely notification of physicians.

missouri telemonitoring


Pyramid Home Health Services has chosen Honeywell HomMed the easiest to use and most dependable home unit available. At the set time each day the monitor automatically turns on and goes through a series of instructions to attain vital sign and symptom pattern acquisition using clear auditory and visual user cues. The Voice-enabled DSSM modules provide symptom-specific assessment and patient information by diagnosis or disease state, managing hypertension, COPD, CHF and diabetes.


  • Digital scale (rated for weights up to 500 lbs. [227 kg])
  • Noninvasive finger sensor and oximeter cable for oxygen saturation
  • Compatible with glucose meters including Lifescan, OneTouch, and Ultra 2
  • Peak flow meter with FEV1
  • Compatibility with multiple PT/INR meters
  • Enhanced SpO2 algorithm for more representative readings
  • Custom-designed blood pressure cuff easily positioned with one hand
  • Health Frontier ECG available
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