Fall Prevention / Balance Vestibular Program


Fall Prevention

For an older adult, a fall can be a life-changing event leading to less mobility, independence and even death. Every year one third of adults 65 and older experience a fall, 1.8 million of these adults end up in a hospital emergency room and 15,800 die.

As a provider of home and community based services for nearly 40 years, Pyramid Home Health Services well understands the importance of preventing falls at home and in the community setting.


Pyramid Home Health Services Fall Prevention Program Includes:

• In-Home assessment of the patient's home environment and remediation of structural fall hazards.

• Completion of a through scored assessment of the patient using our clinically validated, nine parameter assessment tool. Evaluated parameters include; Level of Consciousness / Mental Status, History of Falls, Ambulation / Elimination Status, Vision Status, Gait and Balance, Orthostatic Changes, Medications / screening for contra indicated usage and side effects, Predisposing Diseases, and Equipment Issues.

• Recommendation to Physician a POC utilizing appropriate staff and dependent upon areas of risk associated with each assessed parameter.

• Portable E-Stim and Ultrasound technology for treatment of pain and neuropathy.

• Multi-disciplinary interventions and treatment techniques proven to reduce fall risk.


Balance Vestibular Program

Pyramid's Balance Vestibular Program is designed to assist patients with balance difficulty resulting from medical issues or due to inner ear disorders. Problems may include difficulty walking safely, traversing stairs, dizziness when working or performing ADL's. Common causes of Balance and Vestibular Problems include: orthopedic conditions or injuries, visual problems, physical inactivity, muscle weakness or muscle tightness, stroke or peripheral neuropathy, benign positional vertigo, history of inner ear infection, blow to the head tumor on vestibular nerve.


Pyramid Home Health Services, Balance Vestibular Program Includes:

• History and Physical completed by licensed physical or occupational therapist

• RN review of medications for contraindicated usage and side effects with physician follow-up

• Comprehensive analysis of balance factors and assessment of need for therapeutic equipment

• Custom designed therapy regimen and home exercise program to strengthen weakened extremities, improve range of motion, and promote central nervous system compensation

• Make recommendation of assistive devises including shoe inserts if needed

• Make recommendations to improve safety of patient's home including referral to appropriate home modification programs.

• RN teaching on the management of incontinence, orthostatic hypotension, diabetes or other medical issues contributing to the patient's risk of falling

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