Diabetic Foot Program



To provide quality patient care through staff education and training to prevent the occurrence of foot ulcers and amputations. To work with other health care providers in helping patients recognize the risks associated with the diabetic foot.


Why are you providing this service to our patients?

• 90% of diabetic patients will eventually lose protective sensation in their feet. 

• 15% of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime.

• 5-15% of people with diabetic foot ulcers will need an amputation.

• Statistics show that prevention programs could reduce amputations by 50%.

What services are you providing? 

• For each patient we admit with a diagnosis of diabetes type I or type II, a comprehensive foot exam will be performed.

• Each patient will be placed in a risk category with recommendations for follow up with an approved health care provider.

• A visual foot inspection will be performed at each visit for all patients who score high risk.

• Education on diabetic foot management.

• Education on diabetic foot wear. 

• Referral to an appropriate health care provider.

Tell me what you do when you perform a comprehensive assessment?

• A visual inspection is performed assessing skin condition, signs of pressure and any deformities.

• Sensation is tested using a 5.07 monofilament which is calibrated to apply 10 grams of force when touched to the foot.


What do you hope to achieve by providing this service?

• We want to help meet the goal of the Healthy People Project 2010 of all diabetic patients receiving an annual foot exam.

• We want to ensure that each patient we are able to provide service for receives the education and skilled assessment needed to prevent an occurrence of ulceration or amputation.

• We want to collaborate with our health care partners in establishing an environment of wellness and understanding for the diabetic patient.

• Data will be collected to assess the incidence and prevalence of the neuropathic foot and outcomes related to this.


What makes you qualified to provide this service?

• This service will be provided by skilled clinicians who have each completed a six contact hour course on “Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention and Treatment of the Neuropathic Foot.”

• Education by video has been provided on performing a comprehensive foot exam by each clinician.

• Resources in education and training by qualified nurses who have specialized in this area of care.


How do I make sure my patients receive this service?

• Contact your closest Pyramid Home Health Services Office.

• Speak with any of our skilled staff and we will be glad to provide this service to your patients along with our many other services we have to offer.

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