Home Health Care



Home Health Services are rehabilitative in nature and are designed to return a patient to their maximum level of health and function. Home Health Services are frequently ordered by a patient's physician after an illness or surgery but are also very instrumental in teaching patients and their families to manage new disease diagnoses or changes to medication regimens.



  • IV Care
  • Labs
  • Wounds
  • Diabetic Teaching
  • Medication Management
  • Ostomy, Catheter Care, Teaching
  • Disease Process Management and Teaching


MSW: Addresses environmental, Social and psychological needs.

Physical Therapy: Strength building, gait training, balance and flexibility regimens, injury and fall prevention, in-home ultrasound and e-stim.

Occupational Therapy: Improves sensory/perceptual motor skills, cognitive status/comprehension, psychosocial well-being, gross and fine motor coordination.

Speech Therapy: Improves swallowing, verbal expression, reading, writing, auditory comprehension and cognition.

Home Health Aide: Assistance with dressing, grooming, feeding, bathing & personal hygiene, toileting, and assistance with mobility and transfer.

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