Additional Services



Receive assistance arranging transportation using any of the available nonemergency medical transportation carriers in your area.


Medication Assistance Programs

Receive assistance to access pharmaceutical companies for free or reduced-cost medications.


Medicare Part D Plan Review & Medication Review/ Generics Screening

Receive an in-home review of medications and advice on which Medicare Part D plan offers the best value for the dollar where coverage of specific drugs are concerned.

Additionally, we will identify potential generic substitutions or dosage/dispensing changes that may substantially reduce out of pocket cost.


Medi-Vial of LIFE

Medi-Vials hold pertinent medical information and include a window cling for the front door and a magnet for the refrigerator which alerts medical personnel that pertinent medical information is in the refrigerator.


Information, Referral and Advocacy

Pyramid Home Health Services provides information, referral and advocacy services for individuals with disabilities, their families, rehabilitation professionals and the community at large.

Our Community Liaisons provide information and referral to community resources that assist individuals to achieve independent living.

We can help identify applicable programs and guide you through the application processes. Information is available about community resources for adaptive equipment, financial assistance, home modifications, housing, transportation, etc.


Transition Services

These services assist individuals with disabilities transitioning from nursing homes into the community. Each participant works with Community Liaisons who offer resources and experience in the planning and moving process.


Circuit Breaker 

We assist individuals applying for the Circuit Breaker tax credit and who are disabled or over the age 65 with a combined annual income of less than $25,000 to qualify. You may be entitled to a refund of all or part of your real estate.


Accessible Housing

Pyramid Home Health Services has, since 1972, understood the issues and been instrumental in assisting seniors and individuals with disabilities to obtain accessible, affordable housing throughout Missouri.

We can assist individuals to access financial assistance for home modifications and rental and mortgage payments/ subsidisation via the Missouri Housing development Commission and other community resources.


Skills Training

Training is offered to consumers on a variety of subjects depending on individual need. Training can be offered on such things as budgeting, assertiveness, effective parenting, etc.

Training in skills for independent living is designed to match the needs of each consumer, and might include money management, cooking, community resources, and other areas critical to your independent lifestyle.  


Community Advocates

Community Advocates are individuals who desire to make change in their own community. The Community Advocates Program assists individuals with developing or enhancing independent living and advocacy skills. The program focuses on getting individuals in four central areas:

  1. Political participation and legislation
  2. Architectural accessibility
  3. Transportation
  4. Sidewalk, housing accessibility


Internet Access 

If you are interested in accessing the Internet and do not have a computer, Pyramid Home Health Services has a computer set up for your use in any of its 17 regional offices.


Peer Support

Pyramid Home Health Services assists individuals to access Peer Consultation Programs for help solving problems associated with life changing experiences including adjustment to a newly acquired disability, changes in living arrangements, or learning to use community services more effectively.

Our community liaison provide connection to local support groups including Family Participation Programs, Men's Support Groups, Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups and Women's Support Groups.

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