Rita Kelley - Homemaker

"I am so very proud of Rita. She does everything and more than I have asked her to do. When it comes to breakfast, she puts her heart into it. Rita is so special to me. I want you to know I appreciate her very much."

Cindy Cole - RN

"For your excellence, your care, and for your sweetnesss of spirit we thank you."

Loretta Craft, LPN - Debbie Epperson, Homemaker

"Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated. Thanks for all that Loretta and Debbie did. They were so good to Mom. Thanks also for the floral arrangement."

Kathy Hudson - Homemaker

One of our Pyramid nurses was stopped by a lady at a local gas station who then told her all about this Potosi aide. She said: "My parents have Kathy in their home. She does a great job. We really love her and appreciate all that she does. Kathy is a big help to our family. We are grateful she is there!"

Lasandra Williams - Homemaker

"Lasandra has been our homemaker for the past year. She treats us with the highest respect and dignity. She is also very safety minded and makes sure our doors are locked. She is very dependable and always has a neat appearance. We are very thankful to have her."

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