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Pyramid Home Health Services has been focused on maximizing the benefits of its services to patients since 1972. Whether we’re providing long-term care services intended to assist an individual to remain at home, home health services to assist in recovery from an illness or medical procedure, better and more cost effective pharmacy service, or hospice care we find the best outcomes start with a patient centered, holistic assessment of both the individual’s physical needs and their own state of mind and personal goals.


As a provider of health services for more than four decades we’ve come to understand the linkage between a patient’s frame of mind and good health. While all of our patients require specific healthcare services; we’ve seen time and again how the positive impact of those services is amplified to the degree we can assist a patient to build on or establish a healthy frame of mind. For some patients this takes the form of formalized social or mental health services but for many others it’s as basic as making it a point of each patient and staff interaction to bring some good cheer into to that patient’s day.

Fish! Philosophy- What is It?

To promote the best outcomes for all of our patients Pyramid Home Health Services chooses to incorporate the tenants of the FISH! Philosophy into our daily patient interactions.

Choose Your Attitude andrecognize that you have the power to choose a good or bad attitude; no one else can choose it for you, so choose a good attitude and feel better.


Make Their Day by trying to do something that will make someone's day better; lend a helping hand, offer words of encouragement, or just listen.


Be There and be present for others that you are interacting with; listen to them, engage.


Enjoy your work and your interactions with others to the fullest without compromising the seriousness of your job responsibilities.

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